Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church

Black History

Black and Women's History

The Black and Women's (B&W) History Ministry is a group of Parishioners and friends of St. Martin's Church in the District of Columbia whose Christian purpose is to serve through education and action while commemorating the African American experience and impact of all women in this country and in the church.

The B&W Ministry is dedicated to (1) understanding the past struggles of Black people and Women of all nationalities/cultures, (2) celebrating the successes made by both Blacks and/or women, (3) addressing current issues related to the black community and/or females, and (4) finding ways to prevent recurring mistakes from the past to improve the future for all--regardless of race or gender--through education, service, fellowship, spiritual growth, and action.

This committee also takes the lead on activities and celebrations for Black History Month all February, Women's History Month throughout March, and Black Catholic History Month during the month of November. If interested in learning more and serving to address issues of All Women and those of the Black Community, please contact Angele White in the rectory by phone or by email.