Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church

St Martin's 2021 Health Fair:

St Martin's virtual Health Fair is put on by 1st year medical students at Georgetown Medical School.


This video discusses the current COVID-19 pandemic. It goes over the symptoms to look out for, what types of testing are available and where testing centers are located, as well as how to keep safe and prevent the spread in our daily lives!

Testing sites in DC

CDC Website

COVID-19 Vaccine:

This video discusses the current COVID-19 vaccine. It goes over what the vaccine is made of, how it works, some of common side effects associated with it, and also touches on some common misconceptions that are currently being spread about the vaccine. Please follow the first link below to sign up for alerts as to when it is your turn to get the vaccine! Additionally, we want to mention one more rumor that has come up since we recorded our video:

Rumor: "The COVID-19 can cause infertility in women."

Fact: The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) released a statement saying that mRNA vaccines are not thought to cause an increased risk of infertility.

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For more information please visit the CDC Website

Flu vaccine:

Importance of exercise and ideas for breaking a sedentary lifestyle:

Sleep management:

Virtual doctors visit requesting a prescription refill:

This video discusses some of the various ways to stay in communication with your provider virtually, and specifically gives an example of a virtual visit for a medication refill. There is also a brief presentation with additional information on refills.

Link to pdf of information from video

Virtual wellness visit to the doctor:

This video demonstrates what patients can expect during a virtual wellness visit with their doctor. We discuss the types of visits that can be done virtually and those that require an in-person visit, the importance of receiving vaccines even amidst a pandemic, and several general health questions a doctor may ask during a wellness visit.

Additional Information:

Many pharmacies now offer prescription deliveries during the pandemic. Check with your pharmacy to find out if you can take advantage of this service.